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In keeping with our 7th Tradition which states:  “Every A.A. group ought to be fully self- supporting, declining outside contributions.”

Alcoholics Anonymous has no dues or fees, but we do have expenses. By tradition, AA is self-supporting through our own contributions. … Donations can be accepted only from members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

How is aa funded?     Services’ funding comes from group contributions, the Birthday Plan, central office/district/area contributions, and excess funds of A.A. events or conferences. The balance is made up of profits from the sale of A.A. literature.

Tradition 7 – Note to groups  (pdf)

Please click on the PayPal Link below to send a group / individual contribution.  In the “NOTE” field be sure to leave the following to ensure processing :

  1.     Name of your group
  2.     South Bay group ID #
  3.     Day of week & meeting time
  4.     A return email / address for  the receipt.

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