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Speakeasy is published by South Bay Central Office of Alcoholics Anonymous. Opinions and experiences expressed here are those of the writers and contributors, not of Alcoholic Anonymous.                We hope you enjoy our Winter 2021 edition.  

Highlights From The SRING 2022 Issue:

  • The Promises
  • My God’s a Car Crash | Reflections at Step 9
  • 40 Promises You Might Have Missed
  • ASBCO Bulletin Board

SPEAKEASY – SPRING 2022 (Click Here)

Who writes  for  the  Speakeasy?  You do.  Stories  and content  contributions are always welcome.  All A.A. members can write in, particularly those who are connected to meetings in the South Bay.

When is the Speakeasy deadline? The Speakeasy is published quarterly for the South Bay.

The deadline  is  usually  the  15th  of  the  month  prior  to publication for the 4 Seasons: Winter (Nov 15), Spring (Feb 15), Summer (May 15), and Fall (Aug 15).

What should I write about? Anything related to your experience with getting sober or staying sober, while respecting the anonymity of other members. Group announcements   are   also   welcome.   Write about  step-work,  struggles, triumphs, lessons learned and transformations.  Discretion is advised.

How long and what format?  A good length is about 500 words, but can be anywhere from 2 paragraphs to 2-3 pages.

Longer contributions  may be  edited to suit newsletter format.  Use plain text or Word documents ideally via e-mail.  Send .jpeg files for graphics.

E-mail: speakeasy.asbco@gmail.com

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